The very latest water mist technology for fire-fighting has been used to ensure historic and valuable documents held in the Network Rail Central Archive Store in York are protected by the most effective and efficient means. 

Network Rail needed a system that would protect each individual storage area separately and they had to detect smoke before it was visible to the human eye. To determine the suitability of the system a series of fire tests were undertaken in accordance with the guide-lines of NFPA750. This was undertaken under the supervision of their designated fire risk consultants.

The solution was to link the high pressure watermist system to a VESdA (Very Early Smoke detection Aspirator) detection system in the archive areas . This is a conventional point type of detection in the escape routes, corridors and stairs.

During the testing it was observed that the fires started in various positions within a scaled section of the archive store. This was quickly controlled by the high pressure water mist system which prevented the fire from spreading and also contained the smoke. Additionally it was observed that the precious documents stored adjacent to the fire source were safe throughout and the tests confirmed that there was zero water penetration to the document containers. Network Rail were confident that the solution chosen offered them the best protection at effectively fighting a fire whilst keeping document storage safe.



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