Distinctive and informal the Nobu Hotel at Willow Lane in Shoreditch offers clients a first class hotel experience.

There are 148 guest rooms and suites all are designed and furnished to a high standard.

Fireworks were pleased to work with the contractors on the hotel and installed a VID low pressure water mist system.

Protection has been afforded to the bedrooms and corridors and was designed in line with the contractors fire strategy.



By “wrapping” the concept of a luxurious boutique hotel around energized public spaces,
Nobu Hotels creates powerful stages for shared experiences of excitement and escapism.
Featuring the best of everything with imaginative new restaurants, high-energy bars, relaxing rejuvenation, distinctive service, remarkable retail and an air of celebrity,
Nobu Hotels afford guests and privileged owners the most exclusive entry into unparalleled experiences that lay at the crossroads of innovation and imagination and this ethos is reflected throughout the groups many hotels including Shoreditch. 

The hotel is positioned between East London's cultural district and the economic centre of the city and includes a restaurant.

Pionered and created by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa the iconic Nobu menu is influenced by his years studying Japanese cuisine in Tokyo.

     The hotel  required protection in areas of the basement provided with mechanical smoke clearance  designed, installed and

     commissioned in accordance with BS EN 12845. For this building the recommendation was for anautomatic high pressure

     water mist system as an alternative suppression medium to conventional sprinklers. As part of Hotel branding requirements

     the water mist suppression was provided to all hotel bedrooms. 

    Some of the conditions of the installation included:

    1. Its technical suitability in the range of environments within the project

    2. Agreement on the hazard classification for the various uses

    3. Acceptance by building insurers of a non-traditional suppression system

    4. The degree of accommodation within the BS EN Standard environment

    5. Certification by contractors to conformity to traditional methods of providing code-compliant suppression.

    The system was designed and installed in accordance to NFPA 750, standard on water mist fire protection systems and 

    DD2489-7:2011 Fixed Fire Protection Systems, industrial and commercial water mist systems. The system operating time was

    60 minutes and is recognised by third party approval scheme from Vds. 

    Fireworks are specialist installers of high pressure watermistt systems throughout the hotel and leisure sector and one of the

    UK's leading fire suppression companies. for more information on how we can protect your building contact our team on

    01953 458420 or email enquiries@fireworks-ltd.com


For more information contact us on 01953 469237 or email enquiries@fireworks-ltd.com