Fireworks are the No1 Fire Suppression company for the Custodial Sector.

Fireworks have been installing high pressure watermist fire suppression systems for the custodial sector since 2009. With over 150 installations in prisons and custodial suites to date we are the leading installer throughout the UK,.

HM Prison Service commissioned a set of tests to determine the effectiveness of the traditional hose reels which, to date, had been installed in prisons across England and Wales. It was during these tests that it was observed that the conventional hose reels did not effectively fight the fire and that smoke from the fire presented a greater risk to both the cell occupants and rescuers than the fire itself. The use of Conventional hose reels also created extensive water damage and extended ‘turnaround time’ of the affected cell in some cases the cell below as well.

They then commissioned a number of companies including Fireworks to come up with a more effective solution to replace this outdated and ineffective method.

Knowing that Watermist systems offer a far more efficient way of using water to fight fires, Fireworks suggested this alternative product to replace their existing hose reels across the establishment. It was considered an effective and reliable alternative and kept the building works and costs down to a minimum and was accepted by the Home Office as a potential viable replacement. HM Prison Service asked Fireworks to participate in a series of evaluation trials to determine the effectiveness of the Watermist systems. These were held at the world renowned Buildings Research Establishment (BRE)in Watford.

The BRE test criteria established that the service required included:
“to maintain a tenable atmosphere for a period of 20 minutes when fire tested in accordance with the specifications”

”discharge a relatively small amount of water”

”deliver a spray of water mist with sufficient momentum to discharge droplets to theback wall of a cell”

The Inundation was to last for 5 minutes after pre-burn and operation of internal cell fire detection systems, then a simulated ‘rescue’ of an inmate involving opening the door for a set period of one minute would occur , followed by Re-closing the door and waiting 10 minutes during which time the fire was not to resume.

Fireworks tested the following Hydramist™ fire suppression products
● Mobile 8 and Hose reel mounted hand held lances
● Fixed in cell nozzle with glass frangible bulb operation using a locally
mounted pump unit

In all tests the Hydramist® equipment: ● Successfully extinguished the fire at the first attempt.
● Dramatically reduced cell temperature, toxic gases & smoke to ‘tenable’ levels
● Ensured sufficient oxygen was available to sustain life throughout the cell.

Note: During the ‘rescue’ and ten minute waiting period after inundation that the fire did not resume; temperatures & toxic gases in the cell continued to fall, remaining well below levels that could be harmful to life.

Since successfully passing these tests Hydramist™ systems have become the equipment of choice for the Custodial sector.


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