Fireworks Fire Protection Limited has been chosen to provide high pressure water mist fire suppression to the latest CitizenM hotel in London. The hotel will be located in the Shoreditch Village development with shops, a café, and a restaurant set in what is called a ‘plinth’ structure. The hotel will be the sixth boutique property to open in the Shoreditch area and the fourth in London for the international operator CitizenM.

Building description

CitizenM London Shoreditch is an 11-storey hotel situated in a popular area of east London. The new 14,000-square-metre, mixed-use area will comprise 216 bedroom pods and 24 ironing/linen rooms that will be stacked above a concrete deck and, in themselves, the pods form the main structure of the building all protected with SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist.

The Client – CitizenM

“CitizenM aims to bring ‘affordable luxury’ to all ‘mobile citizens’ around the world, by creating a global portfolio of hotels, located in prime locations in metropolitan cities and at major international airports”

The Builder

“We balance sustainable design and ethical practices with a keen economic sensibility.” 


Danfoss Semco and Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd (Danfoss Semco’s business partner in the UK) have worked closely together to provide the prestigious CitizenM Shoreditch project with the right fire fighting solution for OH1 hazards. A SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist pump unit with pilot pump was chosen. The type of nozzle that will be installed is our CEN nozzle with a 5.5 metre spacing at a height of 3 metres and a nominal release temperature of 57°C. A total of 441 CEN nozzles are to be installed. The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system o ered by Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd was approved by MLM building control.

Pods form the main structure of the building and as part of the modular structure and to ease the installation, Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd prefabricated the lengths of pipes to be installed in the Pods in Poland by the pod manufacturer. When the pods are then lifted into place, the pipes from the pod ties in with the network of pipes installed throughout all other areas of the hotel and saves valuable time and money

The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system o ers fast and e ective control and suppression of a fire. It others a quick return to operation in the event of a fire, with minimal post fire damage and small amounts of water used during operation. The installation by Fireworks is made easy due to the small bore stainless steel grade 316 pipe, which o ers superior life over the other pipe materials offered.

The customer chose us because Danfoss Semco has a long history of designing and delivering innovative products for this market and our UK partner, Fireworks, has 20 years’ experience supplying and installing high-pressure water mist in the UK. The customer found that the product was of high quality, with all relevant certification  and test data readily available to present to the authorities having jurisdiction.

The main contractor states:

The main contractor states:
“When looking for fire suppression for the new Citizen M Hotel in Shoreditch, following extensive market research, the Danfoss Semco SEM-SAFE® water mist system was chosen for a number of reasons; the quality of the expertise and installation offered from the UK partner Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd, good coverage from nozzles meaning less nozzles to install, aesthetically pleasing nozzles and only small pumps /tanks required.”


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