Skanska chose Fireworks to design and install a high pressure water mist fire system for protecting both in cell and association areas within the Male, Female and Young Offenders Accommodation Blocks at the new Grampian prison located in north eastern Scotland.

Fireworks distributor Hydramist® developed a special anti-ligature nozzle to the satisfaction of both Skanska and the Scottish prison service.

Description of Risk:

The Hydramist® systems conforms to OH1 approval for the association areas after successfully passing the stringent CEN14972 OH1 2011 fire tests during 2012 along with the MOJ standard for Cell protection at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 2009.

USP’s of Hydramist®:

• Fast and effective control and suppression of fire.

• Easily retro fitted using small bore stainless steel pipe.

• Rapid project completion time and accessibly positioned within the complex.

Description of solution:

The Hydramist® system has been proven to be a fast and effective fire suppression system during extensive testing with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Building Research Establishment (BRE).  The system successfully and fully satisfied the criteria of the testing designed by MoJ & BRE and was seen to successfully suppress the fire at the first attempt and dramatically reduces the temperatures in the cell on each test. Toxic gases and smoke in the protected area fell to levels well below those that could be harmful to life. Hydramist® systems have become the fire suppression equipment of choice throughout the United Kingdom Prison Estates.

Overview of High Pressure Water Mist systems

How it works:
When water is forced through nozzles at high-pressure, a fine mist is formed that has a two-fold extinguishing effect – it rapidly cools down the fire and starves the flames of oxygen to suppress the fire, reduce damage and prevent re-ignition of the fire.



  • • With fewer nozzles required thanks to optimized spacing and the need for only one pump unit for all applications installation cost and time as well as required service interventions are considerably reduced.

  • • 30% fewer components compared to other competing systems mean ours is lighter and more compact. This allows for easier installation, simplified maintenance and 
valuable space saving.

Cost of water supply is significantly reduced due to less piping, reduced water demand from the water supply. High Pressure water mist systems use up to 50% less water when compared to low pressure water mist systems and up to 80% less water when compared to traditional sprinklers.




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