Travelling ovens are at the heart of many bakeries so keeping up to speed with the equipment innovation is vital.

They are an essential piece of kit for any large bakery manufacturer and protecting them from the risk of fire is essential to the efficiency of the operation.

Today manufacturers are pushed to make their sites as efficient and effective as possible so making their production facilities as safe as possible is a key objective.

Fireworks have worked with a large number of prestigious food manufacturing companies including Tamar Foods, Kensey Foods and Kerry Foods and have protected their ovens using their high pressure watermist systems for many years.

All of these companies produce hot savoury pastry pies, savoury slices, pastries and traditional baked deserts where the risk of fire is ever present.

Fireworks designed, installed and maintains the the High Pressure Watermist systems that protects the ovens within these busy productive manufacturing sites throughout the UK.

These High Pressure Watermist systems have been designed to suit the individual requirements of each client. This is not only beneficial to the producers but also the insurers who protect the risk. The installation and maintenance of these systems is crucial to keep the insurance company happy but still being able to be as productive in a safe environment. Maintenance is scheduled well in advance so production is not compromised.

Why Us?

Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd working to IOSH standards have been advising, designing and installing specialist fire suppression systems within the food industry for nearly 20 years. All systems are manufactured in our factory within the UK and all installations are carried out by our own engineers.

Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

The Hydramist® product has been tested for large industrial fryers to the satisfaction of Insurers and fire suppression equipment specifiers alike.

All Fireworks’ engineers are highly experienced in the systems installed and carry out work to ISO 9001 standards. Fireworks is a Safe Contractor Approved company and we are currently working towards ISO 14001.

Fireworks are the natural choice for the food industry having a gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge within this specialised sector over the last 20 years.

Fireworks are the natural choice for the food industry having a gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge within this specialised sector over the last 20 years.

What we offer:

  • Bespoke Systems designed to protect your risk
  • Quality customer service and account management
  • Servicing and maintenance division
  • On site staff training
  • A 24 hour Call Out Service
  • IOSH trained personnel

How it works:

Hydramist® fire suppression systems quickly smoother the fire and cool to below re-ignition temperature to prevent the fire from re-starting

An oven fire would typically be extinguished in under 10 seconds and then cooled to below ignition point in under one minute. Pumped systems are designed to run for an unlimited amount of time they come complete with a dedicated stored water tank which is mains feed for larger applications.

Cylinder systems have a pre calculated run time, typically 4 minutes depending on the nozzles used and type.

Smoke Removal
A further effect of the Hydramist® system is ‘smoke washing’ removing smoke particles from the atmosphere in the fire area reducing and preventing smoke spread to other areas.

Because the water mist is very fine, smoke particles attach themselves to the water droplets and fall to the floor. This means that the smoke from the fire is contained in the fire affected area and washed to the floor. The smoke does not spread throughout the building.

Benefits of Watermist

  • With a Watermist system there is no risk to life or the environment as it uses purely water.
  • Watermist is harmless to personnel and will operate in open areas.
  • Watermist has developed both fixed pump and cylinder systems.
  • Watermist is capable of producing fine water droplets within the range of 60-100 micron size, far smaller than a conventional sprinkler system.


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