Greggs are a leading commercial and retail baker in the UK with in excess of 1,000 high street stores.

Risk description

These stores are supplied with thousands of bakery products produced each week by ten large strategically placed factories. Protecting their supply chain with effective fire suppression systems ensures that they operate as effectively as possible minimising any disruption to their business if a fire was to occur.

Description of Risk:

Fireworks designed a high pressure water mist system to protect the main factory fryers including periphery protection around each fryer canopy. This segregated the risk to the main factory in the event of a fire. This bespoke system was designed to suit the specifications of both Greggs and their insurers.

Description of Solution

A high pressure water mist system was specified for the protection of the donut
and deep fat fryers in a number of the Greggs factories across the UK. The systems were designed after extensive live fire testing ensured the safest and most efficient systems were installed to protect the risk. 

Overview of High Pressure Water Mist systems

How it works:
When water is forced through nozzles at high-pressure, a fine mist is formed that has a two-fold extinguishing effect – it rapidly cools down the fire and starves the flames of oxygen to suppress the fire, reduce damage and prevent re-ignition of the fire.



  • • With fewer nozzles required thanks to optimized spacing and the need for only one pump unit for all applications installation cost and time as well as required service interventions are considerably reduced.

  • • 30% fewer components compared to other competing systems mean ours is lighter and more compact. This allows for easier installation, simplified maintenance and 
valuable space saving.

Cost of water supply is significantly reduced due to less piping, reduced water demand from the water supply. High Pressure water mist systems use up to 50% less water when compared to low pressure water mist systems and up to 80% less water when compared to traditional sprinklers.




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