Energy from Biomass is now proving to be an alternative energy source for industrial and commercial operations and there are a number of coal fired power stations now converting to biomass wood pellets.

Fireworks has been involved in protecting this sector working closely with the users and power generation companies in both an advisory role and as a designer and supplier of effective fire suppression systems for this risk.

Fireworks attended and presented at the World Biomass Conference in Amsterdam in 2014 on the benefits of high-pressure water mist based on the recent installation for E.ON protecting 700metres of conveyors at their Liverpool bulk Handling facility installation.



Fireworks protect conveyors and transfer stations on the site which are moving wood pellets from ship to Biomass Bulk Stores on site or direct to train. 

High pressure Water mist is particular effective at containing fires in this sector and Fireworks are currently installing a similar system at Lynemouth in the North East of England.

The water mist system requires minimal maintenance and is on constant stand-by 24 hours per day when the biomass handling depot is in operation.

The water mist system has been specifically designed to provide protection to the belt conveyors using a dry pipe deluge system. The transfer towers and Head Houses are also protected using what is referred to as a ‘wet pipe’ system.

Each belt is divided approximately into 30 metre zones and the system will be capable of operating three complete zones at the same time. The transfer towers will be protected with frangible bulb nozzles at high level on each floor.

The water mist system in the conveyors is controlled by an IR3 flame detection system.  Heat detection can also be specified for exact ‘hot spot’ detection.

The high pressure pump unit It is a very light and compact design and as the lubrication is provided by water the pump has a longer life. This pump is connected to each conveyor and the transfer towers by stainless steel pipe.  If a fire is detected water mist is discharged into that section and the following two zones to stop the fire spreading.

The small amounts of water used by the water mist system and the effective way the mist smothers a fire means that it is rare for the product to be ‘washed’ from the belt as with a conventional drencher type system.

Overview of High Pressure Water Mist systems

How it works:
When water is forced through nozzles at high-pressure, a fine mist is formed that has a two-fold extinguishing effect – it rapidly cools down the fire and starves the flames of oxygen to suppress the fire, reduce damage and prevent re-ignition of the fire. 


  • • With fewer nozzles required thanks to optimized spacing and the need for only one pump unit for all applications installation cost and time as well as required service interventions are considerably reduced.

  • • 30% fewer components compared to other competing systems mean ours is lighter and more compact. This allows for easier installation, simplified maintenance and 
valuable space saving.

Cost of water supply is significantly reduced due to less piping, reduced water demand from the water supply. High Pressure water mist systems use up to 50% less water when compared to low pressure water mist systems and up to 80% less water when compared to traditional sprinklers.




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