Fireworks Fire Protection installed a high pressure water mist system to protect the transfer towers and conveyor systems for E.ON at their biomass Handling Facility on the River Mersey, Liverpool Bulk Terminal.

A zoned high pressure water mist fire protection system was designed to protect the 700 metres of conveyors transferring wood pellets from ship to the biomass bulk store before their onward journey to Ironbridge Power Station by rail. 

As part of the conversion to biomass of Ironbridge power station E.ON energy constructed a biomass handling depot at Gladstone Docks in Liverpool.

This allowed the delivery and transfer of biomass from anywhere in the World to Ironbridge via train.

The biomass handling depot consisted of a conveyor system with 3 main conveyors totalling more than 700m in length to take the biomass direct from ship to train and also from ship to a large biomass store building.

Part of the overall fire and safety plan was to provide fire suppression to the 3 main conveyors.


Fireworks developed a design for high pressure watermist to protect the conveyors operated via high definition flame detectors. Fireworks chose Hydramist® as their system provider as they were able to quickly react to a new and challenging risk with advice and assistance on the required water spray volume and nozzle coverage.

Each conveyor was divided up into fire zones with each zone having a dedicated flame detector, zone valve, fire control panel and set of pipe and nozzles.

The flame detectors and nozzles were all installed inside the conveyor covers to provide best detection and protection to the biomass on the conveyor.

The system was designed to operate from a central high pressure pump set which was designed with 100% redundancy.

The system was then linked to a site wide addressable fire panel which allowed further automatic controls to be programmed to ensure that the desired number of zones would auto- matically operate when required and that the conveyors would stop when the fire system operated.

The system was designed working closely with the client, main contractor and the conveyor contractor. All pipe & bracketry was bespoke designed by Fireworks and produced to maximise the ability of the watermist system whilst minimising the intrusion in to the conveyor working area.

E.ON staff were trained in the operation of the system and shown how to carry out fault finding and remedial actions if required.

The system requires minimal maintenance and is on constant stand-by 24 hours per day when the biomass handling depot is in operation.


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