Fryer extension for Kettle Crisps

Fireworks designed and installed an extension of the existing Fire Suppression and Detection system for Kettle Crisps to protect an additional two fryers located in cook room 2 at their Bowthorpe premises in Norfolk. Each fryer measured 1.96m x 4.4m with both having a common flue.

Fireworks installed two additional section valves. One to supply high pressure watermist to the fryers and ducting with the other to supply high pressure watermist to the periphery.

There were a total of 8 nozzles installed inside each fryer. Heat probes were mounted in the fryer canopy & exhaust ducting.

The system was designed to operate automatically via heat detecting probes mounted within the fryer canopy & exhaust duct.

Although Kettle Crips were established in Oregon in 1853 it wasn’t until 1988 that they were launched in the UK. They chose Norfolk as their home as they wanted to be as close as possible to as many potato growers as possible. Kettle Crisps are now one of the leading manufacturers of crisps and related snacks in the UK.


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