Fireworks Fire Protection protects The Clink restaurants at HMP Cardiff and Brixton with Hydramist® fire protection equipment.

Description of Risk:

The Clink is a charity which works in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison Service with restaurants at HMP Cardiff and Brixton which offer prisoners the chance to gain qualifications and experience in food preparation, food service and cleaning. This takes place within an exciting, fully operational business; it provides in-depth guidance to assist with finding full-time employment within the hospitality industry upon prisoner release

The Problem:

The Clink restaurants at HMP Cardiff and Brixton are subject to the same fire risks as any high street restaurant. Hot cooking surfaces and open fat frying present real fire risks which can devastate a building if the kitchen is not fitted with a fire protection system. The kitchen area of the Clink restaurant is a training area for prison inmates and as such is rigorously and safely controlled to minimise the risk of fire. However, accidental fires can occur and the procedures for evacuation of the occupants of a prison are far more challenging than those of an open access building.


The Solution

Fireworks installed the Hydramist® LPCB LPS1223 Approved 15AMPU high pressure water mist system to protect the kitchen and personnel in the event of a fire in both The Clink restaurants at HMP Brixton and HMP Cardiff. The significance and cost of minimising the length of time that the kitchen will be off line in the event of a fire is equally important to high street restaurants and The Clink. Extensive testing has proved that the use of high pressure water mist on deep fat fryers is very effective; the mist evaporates in the fire creating steam which extinguishes the fire, and prevents re-ignition by further cooling the oil and hot metal surfaces.

Following a fire which is extinguished with a traditional wet-chemical or dry powder system, the kitchen will be shut down for a prolonged period whilst the clear up operation is completed. This will not be the case with Hydramist® 15AMPU catering equipment as the system uses only potable water - with no chemicals or powder – resulting in the kitchen remaining open and being returned to service within minutes of the fire event! Fireworks Fire Protection Limited, installed the 15AMPU Kitchen Fire protection system without disruption to the prison.


Fireworks have been installing Hydramist® equipment throughout the UK’s prisons since 2006. The UK Home Office figures for current prison population is over 86,000 inmates and a very high percentage of all prisons
in the UK are now protected by Hydramist® equipment. 


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