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Fireworks New Maintenance Fleet

It’s not often that we see our ¬†maintenance engineers at Head Office. The site of the team returning to the mother ship is a rare occurrence so we took the opportunity to get a photo. The guys ¬†were returning to each take delivery of their new service vans.

As the demand for maintenance of our watermist systems grows the team are growing with it and we now have a total of 10 staff in this department looking after the servicing and maintenance of our clients systems throughout the UK.

With all our engineers employed and time served we believe we have one of the largest dedicated watermist maintenance departments in the country . This enables us to offer prompt and professional service and allows us to get to them within a three hour window.

For more information on how we can help service your watermist system please contact Lee Haines our Maintenance Key Account Manager on 01953 458420 or email him directly at


For more information contact us on 01953 469237 or email