Fireworks Fire Protection for hospitals and clinics

In healthcare facilities, evacuation of all patients in the event of fire is not a viable option. Fireworks’ watermist solutions protect vulnerable patients from smoke and fire – and prevent damage to electrical and other medical equipment. Our solutions are suitable for operating theatres, laboratories, intensive care rooms and all other areas of healthcare facilities.


Why choose Fireworks’ watermist solutions for new-build or retrofit healthcare facilities

  • Full services for all your fire protection needs – from consulting and custom-design, to installation and maintenance
  • Watermist is the only fire suppression solution to significantly reduce the spread of smoke and provide a survivable environment for healthcare staff and patients.
  • Watermist is test proven to offer the fastest performance in fire suppression
  • Safe to use with electrical medical and IT equipment
  • Durable systems with low maintenance needs
  • Compact solutions save space
  • Fastest, easiest and most cost-effective solution for retrofitting
  • One unified system to protect all areas of your building
  • When activated, uses up to 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems
  • Rapid cooling capabilities reduce radiant heat and prevent reignition
  • Fireworks is the UK’s leading expert in watermist fire protection, with over 25 years’ experience

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