Case study – 11 storey CitizenM London Shoreditch Hotel

CitizenM London Shoreditch hotel is a high-tech 11-storey hotel located in the heart of the dynamic Shoreditch district of London. This modern design hotel chose Fireworks for the conception and installation of its fire protection system.

Working with the CitizenM ethos

CitizenM aims to bring affordable luxury to mobile citizens around the world. Its growing portfolio of hotels are situated in prime locations in metropolitan cities and at major airports. A key part of the group’s mission is to balance sustainable design and ethical practices, with a keen economic sensibility.

Five essential requirements for fire protection

1) For CitizenM, the most reliable, fast-acting solutions to counter fire and smoke were essential for this 11-storey building.

2) A system that would be able to rapidly cool glass facades in the event of fire, as guest bedrooms have wall to wall windows.

3) The ability to protect a variety of areas, including reception areas, OH3 hazard areas and 216 bedrooms.

4) Compact equipment, to save space and blend with the hotel’s design aesthetics.

5) Finally, the fire suppression system chosen needed to align with the sustainable objectives of the CitizenM group and those of the building constructor.


Fire protection system

The 14,000-square-metre hotel comprises mixed use areas, including 24 ironing/linen rooms classified as OH3 hazard areas. Prefabricated pods form the main structure of the building and there are wall-to-wall glass facades.

Fireworks Fire Protection designed one unified system, approved by MLM building control, able to protect all areas of the hotel.

The Fireworks’ system comprises compact water tanks and watermist pumps which save valuable space but are powerful enough to protect all 11 floors. A network of small diameter stainless steel pipes connects the pumps to watermist nozzles located throughout the hotel. In this installation, the watermist nozzles are heat-activated.

How it works

In the event of the heat rising above a pre-defined level within a room, the pump is automatically activated, and pressurised water is discharged as mist through the affected nozzles only. Due to the small size of these watermist particles, the water is drawn through the air directly to the source of heat. The high surface area to volume ratio of these water particles make watermist the fastest acting solution for the suppression of fire and heat. Glass and metal are rapidly cooled, to protect the structural integrity of the building. Smoke particles combine with the mist to fall to the ground and provide a life-sustainable atmosphere. Only very small amounts of water are used.

Prefabricated pods and installation

Fireworks engineered lengths of pipes to be pre-installed in the room pods. When the pods were lifted into place on site, Fireworks completed the connections with the pump and network of pipes already installed throughout the rest of the hotel. This achieved time and cost savings during completion of construction on site. Fireworks then fitted the nozzles and commissioned the entire system.

Why choose Fireworks?

Fastest solution for suppressing fire, smoke and heat – protect lives and assets

Low water use and fast acting systems assure business continuity.

Sustainable systems – durable, compact systems, low water and low energy use. Chemical-free.

25 years of unrivalled expertise in designing, installing and maintaining watermist fire systems.

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