Case study Wiltshire Policy Custody Suite Melksham

Fireworks water mist fire protection solutions are designed for all sizes of custodial facilities, including holding cells in police custody suites and court houses. A recent example is the Wiltshire Police Custody Suite in Melksham.

Fireworks custom-designed, installed, tested and commissioned a high pressure water mist system for the police station’s 18 cells and other areas of fire risk including corridors, storage rooms, plant rooms, kitchens, forensic testing rooms and search rooms. The water mist system designed by Fireworks fully conforms to the relevant specification and standards in the project brief including STD/Z/DG/078, STD/M/SPEC 054, STD/M/SPEC/018 and BS8489.

Centralised water mist pump

The fire suppression system at Wiltshire Police Custody Suite is powered by a high pressure Hydramist modular pump unit, designed to be able to operate for 60 minutes, in accordance with the relevant standards. The building’s mains water supply feeds a dedicated water reservoir tank to supply the pump.

In-cell protection

The high pressure pump unit connects to open anti-ligature watermist nozzles on each cell ceiling, via a network of 316-grade stainless steel pipework. The in-cell nozzles are automatically activated by a fire detection system and local automatic valves. Custodial staff can also bypass the control valve manually, to stop or start water flow to the nozzle.

In the event of a fire within a cell, smoke is detected by the dedicated detection system. A start signal is then sent to open the relevant solenoid valve. Through the subsequent pressure loss, the pump detects water flow and begins to propel water through the distribution pipework. Water mist is discharged through the nozzles in the affected area. Heat and fire are rapidly suppressed and re-ignition prevented.

Rapidly reduces smoke spread

The Fireworks’ high pressure water mist system also acts to rapidly reduce the spread of smoke – the leading cause of casualties in prison fires. The Fireworks’ solution is designed to help maintain a life-tenable atmosphere.

Fire protection for areas of special fire risk

For non-cell areas in the police custody suite, thermally-activated water mist nozzles are used. These are designed to operate automatically, when ambient heat in the area or room reaches a pre-defined temperature. Water mist is only discharged through the nozzles that have been activated by excess heat.


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