Fireworks data centre award – Mercury Engineering Quality Award for best contractor

Fireworks Fire Protection has been presented with a Quality Award from Mercury Engineering, for the design, consulting and installation of a water mist fire protection system for a large new data centre.

Best performing contractor across all four Mercury divisions

Mercury Engineering is one of Europe’s leading engineering contractors and the awards are presented to supply chain partners that consistently go the extra mile to improve quality on Mercury’s projects. Each quarter the best performing contractor is chosen from across all four of Mercury’s main divisions.

Fireworks’ won the award for the design and installation of a water mist fire protection system for a 24MW data centre, covering over 30,000m2, during a three-phase construction project. Performance criteria that led to the Fireworks’ win included excellent workmanship, minimal snags and project completed on time. All of this was achieved during a period when procurement of equipment and materials were challenging due to COVID 19 restrictions.

“Well done to Fireworks for their Quality Award” said Tony Slyman, QA Lead for Mercury Engineering’s Data Centre & Building Services.  “Fireworks have put a lot of work into their installations and continue to improve the Quality of works each day,”

“Our focus at Fireworks is on delivering professionalism, expertise, integrity, safety and value to our partners and clients” said Derek Killaspy, Managing Director of Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd. “I’d especially like to thank all of our teams across our sales, design and projects departments. Through their dedication, our reputation as the UK’s leading expert in water mist fire protection for data centres continues to grow.”

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