Fun Run for the Norfolk&Norwich Hospitals Charity

In 2021/22, Fireworks and its sister company Watermist we have chosen to support a cause close to our hearts – our local NHS charity, the N&N Hospitals Charity. We are organising a series of fund raising events and donations throughout 2021/22 with the aim of raising at least £10,000.

As our first event of the year, in May 2021, no less than twenty members of staff from Fireworks and Watermist set out to perform their own individual sponsored sports challenge. All participants greatly enjoyed the day and sponsorship forms are still coming in. Fireworks is sponsoring all the Watermist and Fireworks staff who took part with £100 – so we off to a flying start. More news to follow soon!


For more information contact us on 0800 975 7462 or email