How to optimise fire protection for generators, machinery and plant rooms

Every minute of a machinery or generator fire increases the damage to equipment, due to rapidly increasing temperatures. Dense smoke from burning fuel and oils can quickly spread, leaving difficult-to-remove residue. Business continuity is particularly crucial for generators, which are often used as back-up power supplies for critical facilities such as hospitals and data centres.

Water mist fire suppression is becoming the solution of choice for these sectors, as a safer, faster, cleaner alternative to CO2-based systems. Water mist offers the fastest fire suppression and cooling properties of any fire protection system and features unique smoke-cleaning capabilities.


Safe for people, harmless to machinery equipment. Suppresses fuel and electrical fires

Water mist:

    • Can operate efficiently in ventilated areas
    • Suppresses smoke to maintains a breathable environment
    • Is electrically non-conductive
    • Is harmless to electrical and mechanical equipment
    • Is ideally adapted to suppress high-temperature fires, where any combination of liquid fuels and electrical components are present

How water mist solutions for generators work

Fireworks’ fire protection solutions are manually and/or automatically operated systems which drive water at pressure, in the form of fine mist, directly to the point of fire. The system can be powered by compact pumps or, in the case of single generators, by standalone nitrogen cylinders. When the system is activated, water is driven under pressure through water mist nozzles located above the generator.

Specially engineered water mist nozzles emit water mist particles which are drawn straight to the fire. The mist works by rapidly cooling the area and displacing oxygen around the fire. The fire is quickly suppressed and reignition prevented. The mist also combines with smoke particles present, to bring them harmlessly to the ground. This helps to avoid damaging smoke residue on mechanical equipment, which can be caused by burning fuel. As water mist operates rapidly and only uses very small amounts of water, clean-up operations after a fire are minimal.

Fireworks can advise on and incorporate a wide range of fire detection and control panel solutions into the design, to suit the clients’ requirements. For generators, we normally advise on heat and flame detectors, as it is crucial to select the correct detection system to prevent the risk of false activations caused by operating machinery.


Why choose Fireworks?

Fireworks’ has over 25’ years of expertise in engineering bespoke fire suppression solutions for generators, machinery and plant rooms.

Clients who have entrusted us to protect their generators include some of the UK’s largest data centres, telecom operators, social media and construction companies.


Fireworks’ fire suppression solutions are proven and tested in mechanical, electrical and data environments. 

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