Maintaining hotel fire protection systems

For hotels, water mist offers the fastest, most effective solution for suppressing fire, smoke and heat. Ensure the safety of your guests, personnel and hotel operations with fire protection installed and maintained by Fireworks, the UK’s leading water mist expert.

Water mist systems are particularly well suited for hotel environments due to their effectiveness in suppressing fires quickly, using very low amounts of water.  Fireworks offers water mist fire protection solutions for all areas of hotels including atriums, guest rooms, saunas and restaurant kitchens.

To ensure optimum performance and longevity of your water mist system, regular maintenance by approved, trained engineers is vital. Fireworks brings you the assurance of fully-trained, in-house engineers, 24/7 emergency call-out services and FIRAS certification, all backed by three decades of experience.

Scheduled Maintenance Visits

During each scheduled maintenance visit, engineers conduct a comprehensive inspection and testing routine. This includes:

Inspection and testing of water mist pump sets, checking filters and oil

Operation and checking of section valves, fire alarm interfaces and flow switch signals

Calibration of pressure gauges

Verification of electrical systems

Ensuring no blockage or leaks in water supply and pipework

Nozzle inspection, cleaning or replacement if necessary.

Testing of alarms and UCP

Regular checking of higher risks areas, such as kitchens and laundry rooms, due to higher levels of grease and contaminants. 

Provision of a detailed maintenance report and scheduling a date for the next service check-up.

Emergency Call-Out Services

Fireworks Fire Protection offers a comprehensive maintenance contract that includes a 24/7 emergency hotline service throughout the United Kingdom. This ensures that any urgent issues with water mist systems can be addressed promptly by fully-trained specialists.

Specific recommendations may vary based on the equipment manufacturer and the type of facility. For advice on how to best look after your water mist fire protection system, reach out to Fireworks Fire Protection at

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