Preserving the irreplaceable – Museums, Libraries and Archives

What is the safest way to protect your documents and items of historical, cultural or academic importance? Pressurised watermist delivers the fastest suppression of fire and smoke – and it only uses trace amounts of water when activated.

Key benefits – compact, fast, efficient and clean

-Pressurised watermist is proven under controlled independent testing to offer the fastest suppression of fire and heat.

-Watermist’s intensive cooling effect prevents the fire from reigniting.

-Watermist is the only fire protection system to dramatically reduce the spread of smoke – the biggest cause of death, injury and damage to property during fires.

-Only very small quantities of water are used. Your documents and fragile documents are preserved and you can be back to normal operations in minutes.

-Smaller and fewer components ease installation, retrofitting and maintenance.

Best design aesthetics

Watermist is the most compact and efficient fire suppression solution, with much smaller and fewer components than other systems. Very small diameter pipes are used and our skilled teams of designers and engineers can shape and form these to fit into practically any corner, bookcase or display cabinet. Watermist nozzles can even be customised to match the colour of your wall or background, to blend almost imperceptibly into your rooms and spaces.

How it works

Watermist systems are driven by a powerful, compact pump. The water supply can be provided by the mains water supply or a dedicated water tank. The pump and water supply are connected to a series of watermist nozzles, via 316-grade stainless steel pipes which can be as narrow as 12mm. In the case of archives, libraries and museums, smoke and/or heat sensors detect the fire at the very early stages and send a start signal to the pump. Only the nozzle at the affected area is activated.

Water is forced through the nozzle at pressure to form a fine mist. The atomised water is drawn directly to the source of heat and has a two-fold extinguishing effect it rapidly cools down the fire and starves the flames of oxygen. The mist also entraps airborne smoke particles, bringing them harmlessly to the ground.

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