The Stratford – Fireworks entrusted with fire protection for 10 storey hotel

The Stratford Hotel is the design-focused hotel at the heart of London’s East Bank district – the city’s thriving new commercial and creative hub. The 10 story building is part of the Manhattan Loft Garden tower complex and overlooks the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The hotel offers 145 guest bedrooms, a triple-floor atrium, restaurants, a gym and underground parking.

The hotel’s constructors, entrusted Fireworks with the design, installation, testing and maintenance of the fire protection system for all areas. Fireworks created a bespoke solution for the Stratford Hotel, able to provide optimum protection for the different spaces.


Fire protection system requirements

  • Fast-acting to optimize safety for building occupants and protection of interiors on all floors
  • Unified system, with one pump and water tank located in basement
  • Ability to protect low and medium-to-high risk fire hazard areas (OH1 and OH3)
  • Coverage of 10 floors including an 8 metre high atrium, guest rooms, restaurants, underground parking area and storage spaces.
  • Recognised accreditations for installer and equipment. System fully tested and approved
  • Discrete aesthetics


Solution description

A high pressure water mist system was chosen, due to its superior fire protection properties and discrete, space-saving design. The system includes a water tank and high pressure pump with 7 modules (6 + 1 for redundancy), located in the building’s basement.

The pump is connected to a Grade 316 stainless steel pipe network comprising a main riser of 42mm in diameter and small diameter pipes of 12mm. These pipes supply a network of 500 independently-activated high pressure watermist nozzles. Fireworks selected three specific types of nozzles to optimize coverage in the different areas- including side wall and ceiling mounted nozzles.

Fireworks designed the entire layout and installed the system, before carrying out hydrostatic pressure testing to 1.5 times operating pressure and issuing a pressure test certificate.


Fireworks Fire Protection Installer Accreditations

FIRAS, ISOQAR, UKAS, International Water Mist Association (IWMA), Fire Industry Association (FIA), British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA), ISO 9001/ISO 14001


European and global solution standards

FM5560 (various) – Approval Standard for Water Mist Systems

BS 8489-1 2016 – Fixed fire protection systems. Industrial and commercial water mist systems.
Part 1: Code of practice for design and installation

EN 14972-1:2020 – Fixed firefighting systems – Water mist systems – Part 1 – Design, installation, inspection, and maintenance

VdS 3188 – Procedure for testing, Approval and certification of products and systems for fire protection and security technologies

NFPA 750 – Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems

BS 8458:2015 – Fixed fire protection systems. Residential and domestic water mist systems.

BS EN 12845: 2015 – Automatic sprinkler system design, installation and maintenance.

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