The top 5 fire protection challenges faced by data centres today – and water mist solutions to address them

Data centres are critical to our interconnected world. With this comes the responsibility to ensure the continuity of these data storage and processing facilities. In this article, Fireworks Fire Protection looks at the top five fire challenges faced by data centres today and how we can address these challenges with water mist fire protection.

What is the best fire protection for data centre business continuity?

Water mist is the most locally acting fire suppression solution, allowing data center operations and equipment to continue running during and after fire suppression. The water mist solutions used in data centres by Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd have undergone rigorous testing on ICT and other electrical equipment. FM5560 approvals confirm the efficiency of these water mist systems for all areas of data centres. Water mist’s low water requirements compared to traditional sprinklers, mean minimal traces of water remain after activation. This enables uninterrupted power and HVAC systems, eliminating the need to seal off areas and promoting greater business continuity.

How can I save space needed for data centre fire protection?

Water mist technology offers a major space-saving advantage for data centres. Fireworks’ engineered water mist fire protection solutions require significantly smaller water tanks and pumps, to free up valuable data centre space. Additionally, the installation process is simplified due to the reduced number of nozzles required, and much smaller pipes, compared to traditional sprinkler fire systems.

What is the best fire protection solution for sustainable data centres?

Water mist fire protection offers significant environmental benefits over other fire protection solutions. No chemicals of any kind are used in Fireworks’ water mist solutions. Water and power consumption are considerably lower than for sprinklers. Smaller and fewer components reduce the production footprint of water mist up to 30%. Future-proof and easy to extend or adapt with a data centre’s changing requirements, water mist systems are also exceptionally durable when installed and maintained by experienced professionals.

How can I minimize data centre damage from heat and smoke spread in fires?

Heat generated by fires is a significant threat to data centres, with some equipment susceptible to damage at relatively low temperatures. Water mist, with its micro-fine droplets, rapidly cools the fire area, quickly suppresses the fire, and prevents reignition. This cooling effect is particularly effective in fires involving electrical materials.

Smoke is also a major contributor to damage and operational failure in data centres during fires. Fireworks’ water mist solutions reduce the spread of smoke and corrosive chemicals produced during data centre fires.

What solutions can protect data centres from fire in lithium-ion batteries in server racks?

The revised FM 5-32 allows equipment in data halls using Li-ion batteries to be protected with automatic water mist systems. Fireworks Fire Protection is  the first fire protection company in the UK to offer water mist systems tested in accordance with the new FM 5-32 specifications for the protection of HC1/HC2/HC3 areas.

Get advice from the UK’s leading expert in water mist fire protection for data centres

Fireworks Fire Protection’s water mist solutions are redefining fire safety in the rapidly evolving data centre market. From ensuring uninterrupted operations to minimizing environmental impact, trust in our over 30 years’ of expertise in protecting some of the largest data centres.

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