Water mist fire protection maintenance

Fireworks Fire Protection provides full testing, servicing, maintenance and call-out services for water mist fire protection systems throughout the United Kingdom.

All fire protection equipment needs regular professional servicing to ensure best performance.  At Fireworks Fire Protection we have seen well-maintained water mist systems still fully functioning 30 years after installation.

For safety and long-term performance of your fire protection, water mist systems should be fitted and maintained by FIRAS-certified companies. Fireworks brings you the assurance of in-house maintenance engineers, fully-trained specialists in water mist fire protection and FIRAS-certification.

If you haven’t had your water mist equipment serviced in the last six months contact maintenance@fireworks-ltd.com to book an appointment.

Scheduled water mist maintenance

A full servicing and maintenance routine should be carried out by a qualified maintenance engineer every six months. This typically includes:

-Checking of water pump including flow capacity measurement, filters and oil change if necessary

-Overhaul of solenoid valves

-Calibration of pressure gauges

-Inspection of manual valves and pressure switches

-Verification of condition of wiring, electrical supply to unit and batteries

-Checking of water supply and pipework

-Inspection of all water mist nozzles. Cleaning or replacement of nozzles if necessary

-Inspection and test of alarms

– UCP inspection

 The service engineer will then issue a maintenance report listing any recommendations for repairs or upgrades. On completion of the report, you will be offered a scheduled a date for your next service check.

This document is an outline guide to water mist maintenance, but recommendations may vary according to equipment manufacturer and type of facility to be protected.

Emergency call-out services

Maintenance contracts from Fireworks Fire Protection include a 24/7 hotline for emergency services throughout the United Kingdom. All of our engineers are fully-trained specialists in water mist fire protection.

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