10 reasons for choosing Fireworks’ watermist solutions for your auto facilities

Auto manufacturing and testing facilities need to manage multiple fire risks, with machinery running at high temperatures, flammable substances and spark-generating equipment. In these environments, watermist is the most effective solution for protecting personnel, facilities and equipment.

At Fireworks, we can design one highly efficient watermist fire suppression system to protect all areas of your facilities including engine test cells, assembly lines, paint spray booths, server rooms, staff areas, plant rooms and fuel storage areas. Here are just some of the key benefits:

Key benefits

  1. Fastest cooling properties – reduces damage and prevents re-ignition
  2. Fastest fire suppression capabilities – test proven by BRE
  3. Rapidly reduces the spread of smoke – the only fire suppression solution to do so
  4. No chemicals – safe for people and the environment
  5. Suitable for use with sensitive machinery, IT and electronic equipment
  6. Compact, space-saving pumps and pipe network
  7. Acts locally, directly at the point of fire
  8. Uses only small amounts of water – normal operations resume in minutes
  9. Low carbon footprint – low energy and water use, smaller size of equipment
  10. Fast to install and easy to adapt to your facilities, whatever the configuration

Why Fireworks?

Fireworks has been a trusted partner of some of the largest automotive testing facilities in the UK for over two decades. We leverage this expertise to design, install and maintain the most efficient fire suppression solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers. For a list of our installer and equipment approvals, visit our solutions pages.

To learn more about our customer success stories, or for advice on your projects, call us on 0800 975 7462

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