Why water mist offers the best fire protection for car parks and car stackers

Nearly 300 vehicles catch fire every day in the UK, according to the UK Fire Service. In an enclosed car park, the fire can start to spread to neighbouring cars within minutes.  

This has led to several large fires over the last few years, as fire, heat and toxic fumes proliferate rapidly throughout the carpark, and potentially to other areas of the building. Water mist is test proven to suppress fires in these environments much more quickly than traditional sprinklers and is the only fire protection solution to rapidly reduce the spread of smoke.

Key risks of fire in underground carparks

  • Over 10,000 vehicles catch fire a year in the UK – around 65% of these fires are deliberate
  • Around 100 people die each year, as a result of these fires
  • Modern car interiors are largely composed of synthetic, flammable materials
  • Plastics used in modern cars produce hotter fires, which are more likely to spread
  • Electric car batteries also pose a fire risk
  • Low ceilings hinder access for fire trucks
  • Smoke and toxic fumes spread fast, posing threat to life and hampering evacuation
  • Flashover effect and large quantities of combustibles
  • Damage to high value assets and structural integrity

Why choose water mist fire over sprinklers for car parks and car stackers?

  • Fastest fire suppression action, limits damage to vehicles and infrastructure
  • Engineered, flexible solutions to protect car stackers
  • Fastest to lower temperature, preventing flashover, further combustion and reignition of fire
  • Only fire protection solution to dramatically reduce the spread of smoke and fumes
  • Compact pumps and water tanks save valuable space and can be easily retrofitted into existing buildings
  • Uses up to 90% less water. No risk to structural integrity and minimum clean-up operations
  • Durable, long-lasting, less resource-heavy systems, to lower your environmental footprint
  • One pump and water tank can be used to protect multi-purpose buildings

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