Case Study – Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square Hotel and Car Stacker

Fireworks designed and installed a water mist fire system for the prestigious Ten Trinity Square Hotel in London. Unquestionable efficiency and respect for the building’s architectural heritage were key for the fire protection system chosen for this Four Seasons Hotel Group’s flagship UK hotel. Fireworks also designed and installed an engineered water mist solution for the hotel’s underground car stacker.

Ten Trinity Square is a London landmark. This Grade II-listed building was designed by the famous classical architect Sir Edwin Cooper, recipient of the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects. Originally the headquarters of the Port of London Authority, the building was converted into a luxury hotel in 2017. The hotel features 100 guest bedrooms, 41 residential apartments and leisure facilities including a spa, restaurants, bars and an underground car stacker.

Preserving heritage architecture

The renovation and conversion of Ten Trinity Square was a six-year project. Specialist craftsmen were used to restore the original architectural features of the building including stone carvings, decorative plasterwork and antique marble floors. The fire system needed to blend seamlessly into this historic setting.

Fireworks has nearly 30 years’ experience in installing fire protection in heritage buildings. We create bespoke fire protection systems that adapt exactly to the complex contours of historic buildings. The flexibility and extremely small size of the pipes we use – as small as 12mm in diameter – makes them ideal for retrofitting. On site, our skilled engineers make any final adjustments on site, bending and shaping the pipes to fit to the exact form of the rooms.

As well as smaller components, Water mist uses 30% fewer components than other competing systems. This saves space, allows faster and easier installation and simplifies maintenance.

If the water mist system is activated, its fast-acting fire suppression, smoke cleaning and cooling properties help to preserve the building’s integrity. As only very small amounts of water are used when in operation, there is no water damage and minimal cleaning is required. Normal hotel operations can be resumed quickly.

Water mist suppresses fire, smoke and heat fast

Fireworks was selected as the fire protection supplier for the entire hotel. The water mist system designed by Fireworks is powered by a compact pump which feeds a network of small-diameter pipes and discreet water mist nozzles.

In the event of fire, water is emitted through the nozzles in the affected area only, in the form of fine mist. The mist is drawn through the air directly to the point of heat to rapidly suppress the fire, cool the surrounding area and prevent re-ignition. Water mist is also the only fire protection solution to dramatically reduce the spread of smoke to provide a survivable atmosphere and prevent serious smoke damage to the building’s interiors.

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