Fireworks – the UK’s leading provider of watermist fire suppression for the custodial sector

Entrusted by the Ministry of Justice since 2007, Fireworks is the UK’s leading provider of watermist fire suppression systems for the Custodial Sector. From police custody suites, to large titan prisons, our solutions are present in over 150 facilities.

We provide a full range of services, from custom design of systems and installation, to commissioning, testing and maintenance.

Unique life-saving properties of high pressure watermist for custodial

High pressure watermist is known for its unrivalled life-saving capabilities in the event of fire. With fastest fire and heat suppression of any fire protection system, it is the only solution to stop the spread of deadly smoke.

– Only solution to combat the spread of smoke – the biggest killer in fires.

– Proven fastest-acting fire suppression and cooling properties.

– Anti-ligature nozzles developed especially for the custodial sector.

– Tamper-proof systems

– No chemicals, harmless to people and the environment

– Acts locally to the point of fire.

– Protects all areas including high hazard such as laundries and storage.

– Tested, approved and recommended by the UK Ministry of Justice

Operational benefits

– Low water use means no cell flooding, no need to evacuate cells.

– Minimal clean-up from fire, smoke and water damage

– Range of automatic systems and easy-to-operate manual systems.

– Fast and easy to install. Less disruptive in retrofitting

– Easy maintenance

– Tested and proven as harmless to electrical equipment.

– Superior lifetime of systems compared to other fire protection solutions.

– Space saving – smaller pumps, water tanks and pipes

How high pressure watermist works in custodial facilities

Compact, powerful high-pressure pumps feed patented watermist nozzles, via a network of stainless-steel pipes. In the event of fire, the nozzles are triggered at the affected areas to emit ultra-fine watermist under high pressure.

The water droplets in the watermist are less than 100 microns each. Under heat, they quickly atomise to cool and suppress fire and smoke. Once the fire has been extinguished, the watermist continues to reduce the heat temperature, preventing re-ignition.


Automatically operated systems

In automatically operated systems, in-cell nozzles are heat-activated directly at the point of fire, triggering the water pump. The nozzles emit ultra-fine watermist under high pressure. Each water particle is a thousand times smaller than a regular droplet. Under heat, the water particles atomise to rapidly combat fire, smoke and heat. The unparalleled cooling properties of high pressure watermist also prevent re-ignition of fires. As only very small amounts of water are used, there is minimal disruption to prison operations.


Manually operated systems

Active, manually operated high pressure systems work on the same principle, using wall-mounted hose reel cabinets or mobile units fitted with high pressure watermist nozzles. These manually operated watermist systems are often used in parallel with automatically operated systems for larger prisons, or as a standalone solution for smaller custodial suites.


Testing and approvals

All the watermist systems we use are approved and tested by the Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisations. Throughout the custodial sector, watermist solutions have been proven under controlled tests and in real life situations.

Fireworks is the leading fire suppression company for the Custodial Sector. in the UK. The company has been entrusted by the Ministry of Justice for over a decade and now protects over 150 prisons, custodial suites and immigration centres. 

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