Six reasons to choose Fireworks’ fire protection for your hotel

 Your hotel fire protection system needs to meet multiple challenges. It must provide the best possible protection for your guests and your staff – and keep your business continuity and reputation on track. Read more….


1- Benefit from our 30 years’ experience designing fire protection for hotels

Fireworks is the UK’s leading expert in water mist fire suppression. We have been designing, installing and maintaining water mist fire suppression systems in hotels for over 25 years. Benefit from our experience in creating bespoke systems for all types of hotels, from heritage buildings to modern high rises. For our list of installer and system approvals, visit our solutions page.


2- Fastest fire suppression to protect lives, assets and business continuity

To protect your staff and guests, watermist is test-proven as the fastest, most efficient solution for suppressing fire, smoke and heat. These same capabilities, with very low use of water, mean you will be back to business fast in the event of fire.

3 – Space saving design, easier retrofitting and maintenance

Free space to add more bedrooms or facilities, as one compact water tank and pump is enough to protect all areas of your hotel. Smaller pipes and nozzles blend discreetly with your design and ease retrofitting. As well as using smaller, lighter components, watermist uses 30% fewer components compared to other competing systems.

4 – Unique smoke cleaning properties

Watermist has unique smoke neutralisation properties to provide a survivable environment for guests and staff in the event of fire – and reduce smoke damage to the hotel’s interior. Watermist’s light airborne water particles combine with smoke particles in the air, to bring them harmlessly to the ground. The spread of smoke is rapidly reduced.

5 – Design adapted to all hotel architectures

Fireworks creates bespoke fire protection systems that adapt exactly to contours of any building.  The flexibility and extremely small size of the pipes we use – as small as 12mm in diameter – makes them ideal for retrofitting. On site, our skilled engineers make any final adjustments on site, bending and shaping the pipes to fit to the exact form of the rooms. Smaller and fewer components save  space, allow faster and easier installation and simplify maintenance.

For high rise hotels, one compact pump and water tank located anywhere in the hotel can protect all areas, including underground carparks, laundry rooms, guest bedrooms, restaurants, kitchens and high-ceiling atriums. We supply and install a range of watermist nozzles, depending on the hazard area to be protected.

6 – Fire suppression with lower environmental footprint

The compact size of watermist equipment saves resources and valuable space. Watermist uses lower energy than traditional sprinklers and requires as little as 80% less water than traditional sprinklers. Harmless to people and the environment it uses no chemicals. Pumps are lubricated by water.

How watermist fire suppression works

Fireworks’ watermist solutions are based on a system of compact pumps which power water through a network of flexible stainless-steel pipes to watermist nozzles.

In the event of fire, water is emitted through the nozzles in the affected area only, in the form of fine mist. The mist is drawn through the air directly to the point of heat to rapidly suppress the fire, cool the surrounding area and prevent re-ignition. Watermist is also the only fire protection solution to dramatically reduce the spread of smoke to provide a survivable atmosphere and prevent serious smoke damage to the building’s interiors.

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